Vista Solar designs, engineers, finances, installs and maintains commercial solar systems.

Solar is more than equipment, its an investment that pays dividends for decades – let us help you start saving money today!

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The various stages of investing in a commercial solar system are made easy with Vista Solar's turn-key solar solutions.

Energy Savings

Our Energy Consultants are experts at analyzing rate schedules and optimizing solar solutions to maximize your return on investment.

Easy Financing

From solar leases to power purchase agreements, we specialize in helping you go solar with no capital investment.

Financial Savings

Going solar doesn’t have to include a significant capital investment. In fact, the majority of our clients start saving money with solar while never making a single capital outlay. Vista Solar has partnered with the banking industry’s most proficient solar financing institutions, ensuring we can design a solar financing solution that fits your needs.

Solar financing solutions aren’t “one size fits all”. That’s why our Energy Consultants are experts at analyzing your financing needs and pairing you with financing solutions that optimize your cash-flow and deliver the maximum return on investment – often with no money down.

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Client Testimonials

  • “Since this is DPR Construction’s first net zero energy designed regional office in the Bay Area, it was critical that we chose the right partner and solar technology to help us achieve our company goals.”


  • “Vista Solar has the most amazing and professional team. They were extremely easy to work with. It seemed to me like everyone had an answer for me when I needed information. Our project here at Valley Montessori School was extremely challenging because of the steep slope that our system was installed on. Because of their proficiency and knowledge of solar, our project went smooth. I would recommend Vista Solar to anyone.”


  • “Vista Solar has met every single expectation we have had if not exceeding every single expectation. They’ve done what they said they were going to do, and we know we can count on them for help for the next 20 years to ensure that the system keeps on producing clean solar energy.”


  • “As a church, we are always looking for ways to cut expenses without compromising our ministry; Vista Solar helped us do that. Vista gave us a thorough education on the product, helped us through the financing phase, and completed the work on-time with minimal work done by our staff. We were very pleased with the process, the product, and most importantly, the people.”


  • “Vista Solar has done very well. They’ve been proactive and very good to work with. They really listened to what matters to us and how we run our business.”


We are industry tested and customer approved

And need we say our clients love our work? Check our testimonials section to read some more examples. Or read more on why clients choose us.

Estimated annual production of about 9,169,658 kWh's

Estimated annual CO2 reduction of about 14,263,909 lbs

Nearly 100 projects installed across California totaling 6.3MW's of Solar

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