Going Solar Aligns With Key Business Goals

Rising electrical rates, the uncertainty of future energy costs, and expiring state rebates made going solar even more urgent. “Electricity expenses will never go away especially for AER who uses huge machines to run their business. The cost of electricity will continue to go up, and installing solar helps to greatly offset these energy costs,” said Jennifer Le, Senior Sales Manager at Vista Solar–the commercial dealer for the project.

SunPower Technology Wins Approval

AER Worldwide turned to Vista Solar for their many solar options and their commitment in getting their clients the best savings. To maximize savings and electrical output, SunPower’s T10 Solar Roof Tile was used. The T10’s modular design allows for quick and easy installation, and the 10-degree tilt and sunlight reflectors promote higher solar energy delivered.

Vista Solar & SunPower Stay On Budget

Third-party project delays threatened to break the project budget. Such as a long turn-around time by the bank for financing, and closures at city offices caused delays in getting permit approvals. Special work also had to be done to consolidate several electrical meters into one meter.

However, Vista Solar and SunPower had the combined experience and expertise to overcome these hurdles and kept the project on budget. The end result of a 234 kW solar system that generates approximately 361,819 kWh per year for AER’s headquarters. Over the next 25 years, the company’s total savings are estimated to reach almost $4 million. Aligning business and ethical operations, solar power is an investment AER can bank on for years to come.