Classrooms Meets Solar

Students can be seen walking out of their classrooms to the blacktop playground area to admire the school’s brand new 63.8 kW solar system, located on two separate classroom buildings. Thanks to their new solar system, teachers at Miramonte School have expanded their curriculum with educating students about the power the sun provides. As well as how the solar panels capture this power to create the school’s electricity. A link to the solar system’s web-based monitoring is also provided in the school’s weekly and monthly newsletters so members of the Miramonte School community can view the electricity being produced from the school’s new solar system.

Designed for Payback

In addition to adding renewable energy education into the curriculum, this solar system will reduce Miramonte’s operating costs. They chose to procure their system through a no money down operating lease program, providing them with instant savings and enabling them to hedge against future utility cost increases. Their solar system is expected to reduce their electric bill by approximately $23,000 in its first year of operation and generate over $700,000 in savings over the next 25 years. With these additional funds in their operating budget, Miramonte School will be able to add new educational opportunities for their students for decades to come.

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